photos by Iris Garrel

As part of sonic coast week, recordings from different artists and live mixes were presented on the beach at Whitstable. The programme included:

Programme 1
1. Lone Broadcast : Magz Hall
2. glass water : David Rogers
3. Hidden Sounds of Whitstable : Marcus Leadley
4. Scape : John Levack Drever
5. South Bay 28th July 2012 : Rob Mackay
6. St. Catherine’s Chapel : ivon oates
7. The Rain Is : Marjorie Van Halteren & Jeff Gburek


Programme 2
1. Dungeness Tower : David Rogers
2. From Sea To Sky And Back Again : Benjamin Dallimore-Symonds
3. Installation for an Imaginary Beach : Marcus Leadley
4. Saline : Jasmine Guffond
5. Water : Jon Pigram
6. Sea Pictures : Rob Mackay
7. Sea Swim Sounds : Rob Mackay
8. Un : Jess Irvine


Programme 3
1. The Isle is Full of Noises : Mandy Rathbone
2. Whitstable 2010 : Marcus Leadley
3. Parallel Places : Marcus Leadley
4. Sounds of the Insect World : Salad Producer


whitstable biennale: link to DIVAcontemporary's site:
listen to ivon oates' 'doves perform' here:


SoundCamp 2016 [International Dawn Chorus Day] Sunday 1st May

As part of DIVAcontemporary STUDIO’s LIVE contribution to dawn chorus day, this field recording was made near Symondsbury in Dorset at 06:04:59hours as dawn broke until the sun plunged over the hill. During 46 minutes without moving, I was witness to curious animals and birds emerging to ‘record’ my presence. I watched them watching me and we all watched for the sun together.

at 08:52:39hours, I recorded the stream at Symondsbury  on a walk with studio guests.

http://locusonus.org/soundmap/051/  watch and listen to the sounds across the globe as dawn broke.



doves perform

duration: 3:33min


This is the performance given by a family of doves residing in a derelict fourteenth century chapel, st catherine’s, in abbotsbury, dorset. They were responding to nichola christie and myself using violin and viola to articulate the space and explore the uniquely sonorous architectural acoustic for which the building is known.



red & black

duration: 06:27min

As part of sonic coast :: sound week, as associate artist at DIVAcontemporary, ivon oates produced two new audio works. Both pieces are mixed from her recordings made during ‘material sounds [H2o]’ an exploration of sound on Eype Beach and in the studio.

This composition is a playful, lyrical duet based on close recordings of whistling kettles. Slowly the individual voices emerge from the boiling and simmering environment of expanding metal and electrical switches. They soar into ‘songs’ which, to me, suggest African indigenous atonal music from my childhood.



under an upturned boat

As part of sonic coast :: sound week, as associate artist at DIVAcontemporary, ivon oates produced two new audio works. Both pieces are mixed from her recordings made during ‘material sounds [H2o]’ an exploration of sound on Eype Beach and in the studio.

Listen and download.



sonic coast :: sound week ::

at DIVAcontemporary

25th July 2015 

ivon oates and Marc Yeats :: in conversation

Conversation themes/agenda:

ivon – I wish to open a space between definitions of ‘music’/soundwork, art-object

(found object, ‘rubbish’+intent)

Marc – experimental ‘sound’ making is inspiring as a composer: exploring the degree of investigation, intent,

organizing material and finding ways to make the object ‘speak’.

The discussion considered:

Relationship between music/’noise’/sound

Field recording (as ‘composed’), treated sounds, composition.

‘musical instruments’, sounding sculpture.

Thresholds of transformation: composition as the nodal confluence between axes from instrument, extended

technique enlarging palette to ‘music’; and found sounds, sounding materials to artwork (sculpture, installation).

Talk and Q&A. – Live Broadcast on DIVAcontemporary Radio

Audio from the sound walks and the water sound experiments will be played in the studio before and after the

listen to the discussion:



Soundwork to accompany the exhibition
Idit Elia Nathan: Footnotes Playing Dead
Standpoint Gallery, London, 2015

The work composes atmospheric field recordings highlighting the exhibition’s intentions to consider personal and collective responsibilities in times of adversity and interminable conflict; and reflect on children’s games and theatrical demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza, where children pretend to be dead.

Why am I silent, silent for too long,
about that which has obviously been practiced
in war games where we, the survivors,
are footnotes at best?
Günter Grass “What Must Be Said”

sound edit: ivon oates and Julie Penfold




Biophilia – DAONB Health Channel

showcasing  the relationship between landscape, art and wellbeing at Dorset County Hospital.

recently Dorset AONB have supported the development of a new channel of artist’s film and video related to the Dorset Landscape, through their Sustainable Development Fund. This channel is available for free to patients and visitors to Dorset County Hospital, including patients in isolation units and public waiting areas. The project is part of an ongoing use of digital technology to provide contact with nature which has been evidenced to have psychological benefits by reducing stress, by having a positive effect on mental restoration and direct physical health benefits, such as increased longevity and reduced pain killer use. Films on show in the new channel  include works by  Ivon Oates, Sue Palmer, Robert Golden, Dave Young (Pod Films), Sam Stewart, Stephen Banks, Matt Stockman, Ben Symonds, Geoff Dunlop, Phil Bambridge / Nathan Filer, Ted Evans, Matt Stockman, Michael Jenner and Alex Murdin (all of whom are thanked for their support of the project).




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a collaboration with Mandy Rathbone, David Rogers and Nigel Slight for ‘countertext 2014′ taking Steve Reich’s 1968 “pendulum music’ piece as a starting point. This piece included a performance of suspended microphones hung over speakers creating phased feedback. This was an exploration of ‘process’ sound generation incorporating indirect strategies for composition.

these experimental sound ‘instruments’ play with indirect strategies including pre-recorded sound and ‘live’ interactions in the studio.

all these soundworks recall a ‘converse’ interaction between ‘living voice’ and constructed sounds, eg. wood pigeon and a wind turbine, conversational rather than polarised.








encounter 1 :: encounters in workshop and woods – sound sketches at Hooke Park [7.36mins]

by ivon oates.

Sundown in the barn, sanding, feeding time for chickens and watering, birdsong in drains, and…

”the drastic coast…. lumps of concrete covered in slates… foxes and the occasional badger….”

Composed of field recordings taken at sundown at Hooke Park’s Architectural Association field campus.

These sketches form part of ongoing research into aural architecture and sound’s plastic capacity to create spaces, establish moods and colour our experience.

How can sound generate architectural space?

What is the form most conducive to a particular quality?

The sound of the activity architectural form contains.

How does the architectural skin acquire its shape if it is formed by sound?